Fund-Eventz is a non-profit organization.


Our 3 main mandates are:


1.  Working with at-risk youth by involving them in a dragon boat program.

      Dragon boating promotes fitness, team building and many psychological health

      benefits such as improved self-esteem and confidence.


2.  Raising money and awareness for PTSD, especially for Canadian soldiers and first responders.


3.  Organizing fundraising events to promote awareness and raise funds for various charities and non-profits.




Événements Fund-Eventz est une organisation à but non-lucratif.


Nos trois principaux mandats sont:


1.  Travailler avec des jeunes à risque en les impliquant dans un programme de bateau-dragon.

     Cette activité aide à la santé, le travail d'équipe et bénéficie à la santé psychologique sous

     plusieurs aspects, comme en améliorant la estime personnelle et la confiance.


2.  Amasser de l'argent et sensibiliser le publique au sujet des chocs post-traumatiques,

     particulièrement chez les soldats canadiens et les premiers répondants.


3.  Organiser des levées de fond ainsi que sensibiliser le publique pour diverses causes et organismes à but non-lucrative.

Growing up with 4 brothers and a sister in Montreal, Sandra’s commitment to family began at an early age. Even with 6 children of their own, her parents would take in foster children. From the time she was very young, Sandra was involved in volunteering and fundraising. Having a daughter cemented her belief that a healthy family life is vital to happiness. After working as a controller for over 25 years and dealing with her own health issues, Sandra left the corporate world to pursue her passion of helping others to have as much of a happy and healthy life as possible. This passion is the driving force behind Fund-Eventz. When not involved with her charity work, Sandra likes spending time outdoors. She can usually be found on a hiking trail, in a kayak or in a dragon boat. .